Hobro-based company DS Stålprofil choose Ceetec when they went shopping for a new and more efficient roll forming line.

Roll Forming Line Requirements:

The primary concern for this line was automatic profile width and height adjustment and that our system could be integrated into the existing equipment. The line runs 300-600mm coil widths and 1.5mm – 2.0mm goods thicknesses. Everything is easily input via a touch panel.

„It is now easier for the operator to change sizes during manufacturing of various purlins. Previously, this was a time-consuming manual task but today the operator simply presses a button and then the machine automatically sets the correct distances. This has also contributed to making our production more efficient, and we have less stops,” says Michael Loft, head of production and quality.“

About the Profiles:

DS Sigma steel purlins are mounted between the rafters in halls and other constructions. DS Sigma steel purlins are designed to add much strength and may be used for constructions with a long distance between the rafters.

Need a Roll Forming Line?

Do you also need a roll forming line? – Ceetec has been constructing and building roll forming lines for more than 20 years. We have made more than 100 lines in Denmark and abroad.