State of the art painting line installed at Danish kitchen manufacturer in just five days

We chose to go all-in and invest in a complete painting line which means that we have automated sanding, painting and drying as well as handling between the machines. We researched the market thoroughly from the outset and the choice fell on the Danish company Ceetec as we had good chemistry and felt they listened to our special wishes for the plant and layout. The Ceetec DNA means that a high level of customer service is second nature and that means a lot to us. They are only a few hours away and react immediately if situations arise where we need help.

An additional parameter for choosing Ceetec was their concept of modular solutions which involves a very short installation time as everything is preassembled and tested at the factory before shipment. We wanted to install the plant in December to take advantage of our shutdown between Christmas and New Year and were honestly a bit sceptical when Ceetec promised installation in just five days. But it happened exactly as they had promised and that is impressive for such a large plant, says Mads Radoor Sørensen, production manager JKE Design.

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